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Maximize ROAS with strategic optimization

Our client, Value Golf, operating on a tight budget of $10/day, approached us with the goal of testing their products on GoogleADs. Our collaboration resulted in impressive results.

About Value Golf

Value Golf specializes in custom golf clubs and golf equipment. They are the leading provider of golf club parts for sale online, including iron heads, driver heads, shafts, grips, clubmaking supplies, and other parts. Their prices are reasonable, and they provide renowned service. Their quality control is unmatched, and their personalized golf clubs are hand-made by skilled industry veterans!


The Challenge

Dissatisfied with their initial campaign structure and lackluster results, Value Golf discontinued the campaign after just one month. With numerous categories and products, the challenge lay in generating sales within the constraints of a limited budget. Despite initial reluctance to increase the budget, the client agreed to proceed with a minimum daily spend of $10, prioritizing results before allocating additional funds.

Services Used:

Business impact

Our primary objective of generating sales for the client was successfully accomplished, accompanied by a decent ROAS. By implementing a targeted approach and leveraging our expertise in optimizing campaigns within limited budgets, we were able to drive sales and demonstrate the potential for growth and lead generation. We refined the campaign structure and improved the conversion rate, ensuring continued success for our client’s advertising efforts.


More than 50% ROI


Increased organic traffic and engagemen


Boost in sales

Our collaboration

By implementing a targeted approach and leveraging run marketing expertise in optimizing campaigns within limited budgets, we were able to drive sales and demonstrate the potential for growth. Our partnership with Value Golf continued to gain success with our comprehensive strategy and experienced a substantial increase in sales and market share. The numbers spoke for themselves, showcasing the effectiveness of the targeted approach we implemented. This accomplishment has laid the groundwork for Value Golf and us to continue to grow and innovate together, strengthening our position as a reliable marketing partner on their path to long-term success.

Increase in Total Sales

+35 %


170 %

Increase in organic sessions

120 %

Increase in organic contact form submissions