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More than 50% ROI

Sting Sports, a renowned sporting goods manufacturer, approached our team with a pressing challenge. Despite their high-quality products and dedication to excellence, their advertising efforts were yielding negative results. They were struggling to connect with their target audience and convert potential customers into loyal patrons.

sting sports
About Sting Sports

STING has been entirely owned and run by Australians since 2003. They create and produce our own premium boxing gloves, gear, clothing, and accessories. Their STING range assists everyone with their demands. They prioritize comfort and safety, ensuring their customers feel secure  with their high-quality, hand-stitched gloves & gear.

sting sports

The challenge

Sting Sports faced the uphill task of reversing the tide of negative advertising outcomes. Their efforts were leading to poor Return on Investment (ROI), which hampered their growth. The challenge was to devise a comprehensive strategy that would not only restore positive ROI but also propel Sting Sports to new heights of success. Understanding the critical nature of Sting’s situation, our mission was to craft a multi-faceted approach that would revamp their advertising strategies from the ground up. We aimed to provide them with a fresh online identity, an effective advertising ecosystem, and the digital tools necessary to thrive in the modern market.

Services Used:

Business impact

The combined efforts of our team brought about remarkable outcomes for Sting Sports. Our strategies not only turned around the negative ROI but also delivered a substantial ROI increase of over 50%. Not only did we meet the 50% ROI goal set by Sting’s, but we exceeded it by a significant margin. This demonstrated the effectiveness and impact of our comprehensive solutions.


More than 50% ROI


Increased organic traffic and engagemen


Boost in sales

Our collaboration

The partnership between Sting Sports and Run Marketing exemplifies the transformational power of strategic digital marketing. By redefining their online presence through a revamped e-commerce store, revamped PPC ads, optimized website, and enhanced SEO, we successfully rejuvenated Sting Sports’ advertising efforts. The astounding results achieved – a more than 50% ROI increase, surpassing even the set targets – underscore our commitment to innovation, client-centricity, and fostering enduring success.

Our comprehensive approach to address the needs of Sting Sports:

+70 %


236 %

Increase in organic sessions

131 %

Increase in organic contact form submissions