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Elevating Everyday Pet Essentials into Style Statement

Elevating Everyday Pet Essentials into Style Statement

In collaboration with Paws Rico, RUN Marketing embarked on a transformative journey to elevate their brand presence and redefine the pet accessory market. Our team took on the challenge to position Paws Rico as a leader in the niche of customized pet essentials.

Elevating Everyday Pet Essentials into Style Statement
About Paws Rico

Paws Rico is the leading clothing brand for pets and pet owners. Their journey began with a simple yet powerful idea which is to celebrate the bond between pets and their owners through stylish and comfortable clothing that brings a smile to both their faces

Paws Rico

The challenge

Paws approached us with an aim to elevate their online presence and expand their sales. They had a vision of becoming a go-to destination for pet and pet owner clothing, but their existing online store didn’t quite match that ambition.

Services Used:

Business impact

Our partnership with Paws exemplifies how a well-executed e-commerce strategy, including a Shopify store makeover and targeted marketing efforts, can lead to substantial growth and success. Paws Rico’s remarkable journey is a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and vision

The collaboration between RUN Marketing and Paws Rico yielded remarkable results


Sales Growth


Increased Website Traffic


Higher Conversion Rate

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