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Amazon Store Integration: N9 Automotive

Amazon Store Integration: N9 Automotive

We proudly supported N9 in seamlessly integrating their Amazon Store. Our expertise in Amazon Store Integration ensured a smooth and efficient process for N9, enhancing their online presence and expanding their reach on this influential e-commerce platform. Through strategic collaboration, we facilitated N9 Automotive’s successful navigation into the Amazon marketplace, enabling them to showcase their products effectively and connect with a broader audience.

N9 Automotive
ABOUT N9 Automotive

N9 Automotive company is passionate about ensuring your vehicle remains in pristine condition, both inside and out. N9 specializes in offering high-quality automotive maintenance and detailing products to enhance the driving experience. The company’s dedication to excellence is evident in the wide range of car wash accessories, car shampoos, car waxes, and more that are provided to help individuals maintain their vehicle’s appearance and performance

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The challenge

N9, specializing in car care products like car shampoo, car wax, and more, wanted to expand their reach on Amazon. They aimed to increase sales and establish a stronger foothold in the competitive automotive accessories market

Services Used:

Business impact

The success story of N9 Automotive exemplifies the impact of our social media marketing expertise in driving tangible results. By creating captivating content, engaging the audience, and integrating their Amazon store, we propelled N9’s sales to new heights in the digital age


Increase organic traffic


Improved visibility on search engines and within platforms


Social Media Engagement

Esteemed digital marketing solutions

Our committed team at RUN Marketing brings a focus on innovation and results-driven strategies. Tailored specifically for N9 Automotive, our esteemed digital marketing solutions are designed to propel their business to new heights, creating a lasting impact in the ever-evolving digital sphere.

Our holistic approach to address N9 Automotive's challenges:

+240 %

Sales Surge

180 %

Audience Engagement

+47 %

Improved Conversion Rates

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