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Revolutionizing a brand: Frosting by Feroze

Frosting by Feroze reached out to our team with the objective of reshaping how customers perceive and purchase exquisite cake decorating solutions. Committed to quality, innovation, and customer delight, sought to set themselves apart in the competitive e-commerce arena

Frosting By Feroze
ABOUT Frosting

Frosting by Feroze, a cake decorating business, is managed by Ujala and Nicole Feroze, two sisters with a profound love for baking and decorating. From an early age, they were enthralled by the enchantment of the kitchen, where the fusion of flavors and creativity resulted in something truly extraordinary.

Frosting By Feroze

The challenge

Frosting By Feroze, an artisanal confectionery offering delectable cakes and baked delights for weddings and events, aimed to expand its digital footprint. They sought to increase their online orders, establish a prominent presence in the industry, and sweeten their success.

Services Used:

Business impact

Frosting’s success story underscores the transformative impact of our comprehensive digital approach. By revamping their website and enhancing online visibility through SEO, we empowered Frosting By Feroze to achieve confectionery excellence in the digital era.


Increase organic traffic


Improved visibility on search engines and within platforms


Well-optimized listings increased the turning visitors into buyers.

Esteemed digital marketing solutions

With Run Marketing collaboration Frosting, the brand was able to stand out in the crowded online market with our comprehensive approach including creative branding, user-friendly e-commerce platform, interesting social media presence, and efficient advertising.

Our holistic approach to address Frosting by Feroze's challenges:

+300 %

Order Surge

250 %

Elevated Online Presence

+27 %

Improved Conversion Rates

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