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Elevating Brand Recognition: Feroze Power

Elevating Brand Recognition: Feroze Power

Feroze Power approached our team at RUN Marketing with the aim of elevating their online presence. Their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram profiles experienced a follower boom, showcasing our prowess in amplifying their online presence. The surge in followers on these platforms is a testament to the RUN Marketing touch – turning profiles into vibrant hubs of engagement.

Elevating Brand Recognition: Feroze Power​
ABOUT Feroze Power

Feroze Power is a renowned company dedicated to providing high quality renewable energy  solutions. Feroze Power Solutions stands out as a leading provider of power generation equipment, specializing in delivering solutions that are not only reliable and efficient but also environmentally sustainable

Elevating Brand Recognition: Feroze Power​

The challenge

Feroze Power, a leading solar energy provider, faced the challenge of expanding their reach and establishing a significant presence in the renewable energy sector. They required a digital transformation to align with their ambitious vision and goals

Services Used:

Business impact

Feroze Power’s success story demonstrates the transformative potential of our comprehensive digital approach. By revamping their website, enhancing their online visibility through SEO, and effectively managing their social media presence, we enabled Feroze Power to shine brighter in the solar energy landscape


Increase organic traffic


Improved visibility on search engines and within platforms


Social Media Engagement

Esteemed digital marketing solutions

Through our collaboration with Feroze Power, the brand successfully distinguished itself in the competitive online market. RUN Marketing played a pivotal role in this triumph, orchestrating strategic initiatives that propelled Feroze Power’s LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram profiles to new heights. The remarkable increase in followers across these platforms is a testament to the synergy between Feroze Power and RUN Marketing. Our dynamic strategies not only elevated their online presence but positioned them as a standout force in the digital landscape

Our holistic approach to address Feroze Power's challenges:

+150 %

Increased Web Traffic

200 %

Strengthened Online Presence

+250 %

Elevated Brand Recognition

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