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Transforming a brand: AMW Lighting

Transforming a brand: AMW Lighting

AMW Lighting approached our team with the goal of redefining how customers view and buy lighting solutions. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, AMW Lighting aimed to distinguish themselves in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Transforming a brand: AMW Lighting

AMW Lighting provides LED Pot lights for residential to office spaces. AMW Lights colors can range from warm tones such as yellow and orange to cool tones such as blue and green, and can create different moods and effects in a space. They specialize in innovative lighting solutions that are designed to enhance your space and improve your well-being. 

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The challenge

Building a solid brand identity and online presence was a struggle for AMW when they started their journey. They understood that in order to succeed, they would need a strong e-commerce platform and a comprehensive branding strategy. Our goal was to establish a seamless connection between their brand’s identity, their e-commerce platform, and their customers through our range of services.

Services Used:

Business impact

For AMW Lighting, the coordinated efforts and strategic strategy produced outstanding outcomes. AMW was able to build a distinctive and memorable brand identity with their newly designed logo and compelling posts. Moreover, the Shopify store we designed gave clients a smooth buying experience, resulting in increased time on the site and decreased bounce rate.


Increase organic traffic


Improved visibility on search engines and within platforms


Well-optimized listings increased the turning visitors into buyers.

Esteemed digital marketing solutions

With our collaboration AMW Lighting, the brand was able to stand out in the crowded online market with our comprehensive approach including creative branding, user-friendly e-commerce platform, interesting social media presence, and efficient advertising.

Our holistic approach to address AMW Lighting’s challenges:

+47 %


231 %

Increase in organic sessions

138 %

Increase in organic contact form submissions