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Understanding Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) and How to Utilize Them

Understanding Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) and How to Utilize Them

Understanding Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) and How to Utilize Them

What is Amazon? Currently, it has more than 300 million active customers globally, and 75% of consumers use Amazon to find products or brands they are interested in. Amazon is also rapidly growing among SMBs, presenting itself in a wide range of industries. Statistics reveal that more than half of organizations invest $40k or more in their Amazon advertising services monthly.

When it comes to marketing products online, Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) has quickly become a go-to choice for many businesses as well as Amazon marketing agencies and experts. Some marketers are moving 60% of their ad budgets from Google over to Amazon.

What is Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)?

AMS means Amazon Marketing Service. It is Amazon’s platform where the sellers can get visibility for their products in front of relevant visitors through pay-per-click (PPC) model based on the keywords, products, and shopper interests.

Amazon e-commerce  is used to enable customers to build, manage, and run all forms of advertising on Amazon, including search results, PDPs, and several other areas of the Amazon marketplace.

There are also other specifications through which you can filter your campaign, including keywords, cost, location, interests, category, and more.

Types of ads available through AMS

Amazon Online Marketing Services (AMS) offers various types of ads to help you reach your target audience depending on your objectives, budget, and desired campaigns. You can select from different types of ads, such as Amazon attribution, video ads, display ads, and Amazon Sponsored Brand ads.

Let’s look at each one.

Sponsored Brand Ads

Sponsored Brand Ads (the former Headline Search Ads) are sponsored ads located above the search results if customers type in keywords. These ad units consist of a logo, custom headline text, and several products, along with their price and high-level rating.

Sponsored Brand Ads are helpful in informing people of certain products when they are likely to make a purchase.


Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads is for sellers meeting the Amazon Brand Registry criteria, as well as for vendors, book vendors, and agencies.


Sponsored Brand Ads are available starting at a daily budget of $ 1. Just like with the product ads you only pay when it is clicked, so you will only incur costs when that happens.

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Video Ads

Amazon’s video ads have two forms. Among them, the first typical video is a regular video ad with products just like a normal product ad and an Amazon OTT video ad, too.

These are small commercials that can be aired in video streams, connected TVs, videos on Amazon Freevee and Twitch, TV channels, and network broadcaster applications.

With these ads, you can reach potential customers by the search history of the customers.


One does not even need to be a product seller to place adverts on Amazon streaming ads. Amazon streaming ads can thus be available to brands, vendors, sellers, and agencies, among other parties.


Amazon video ads are sold programmatically, and the prices are cost per mill or cost per thousand views of the ads. All self-serve packages require a minimum recommended campaign of $10,000. Every campaign should be accompanied by a minimum of $50k to get a managed service package.

Sponsored Display

Sponsored product ads are also known as Product Display Ads; these are small text based advertisements placed on Amazon. 

They appear at the top of search results when customers enter specific keywords or on product pages, where you can choose different criteria for them.


Sponsored Display Ads are offered to sellers in the Amazon Brand Registry, booksellers, sellers, and advertising agencies’ clients selling products on Amazon.


The CPC of Sponsored Display Ads is affordable and depends on the competition of a keyword. There’s no minimum budget.

Amazon Attribution

Amazon Attribution is a feature to track the effectiveness of campaigns across channels. It helps you determine which campaigns are successful to understand the value of your dollar to gauge your returns on investment or ROI.


Everyone who is doing business on Amazon can use Amazon Attribution, such as vendors, sellers, agencies, or any other type of advertisers.


In contrast to other AMS, which have already been discussed (for example, types of ads), Amazon Attribution is free.


AMS marketing is a strong tool for businesspeople to achieve the intended customers, thus utilizing the total advertising budget.

Using target groups, trying different types of ads, adjusting bids frequently, and using negative keywords, organizations can be confident that the campaigns reach the intended audience and drive the necessary results.

Some details include real-time reporting through AMS advertising, where marketers can adapt their strategies accordingly, optimizing ROI on advertisement expenses.

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