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Make your own FBA shipping plan in 5 simple steps

Make your own FBA shipping plan in 5 simple steps

Make your own FBA shipping plan in 5 simple steps

Amazon selling is one way to reach a large market of potential customers. Certainly, one of the most significant methods of selling products on Amazon is by utilizing the amazon FBA shipping or Fulfillment by Amazon service. 

FBA, Amazon provides services of storing your products, packing them, and shipping them on your behalf. To get started with FBA, one requires developing a shipping plan. Here are five simple steps to stay ahead of Amazon Trends.

Step 1: Staging Your Products

Ensure that your products are fit for the market before engaging in shipping. This means they should have their labels on, their packs done, and simply wait to be shipped. The packaging also has a standard format that every product sold on the website must meet, depending on its category. For example, one may require the placement of barcodes by each of the items. It is also essential to follow these steps in order not to experience any issues.

Step 2: Sign in to Seller Central

Open a web browser on your computer, navigate to the Amazon Seller Central website, and enter your account information on the Seller Account Login page. If you do not have an account with Amazon Seller Central, creating one is necessary to proceed with the process. Once logged in, go to Inventory and click on the option Manage Inventory; you will find a list of your products.

Step 3: Develop a Shipper Plan

After that, you must develop your shipping strategy, which will entail the following elements: To do this, identify the products you intend to ship from the list of the products in your stock. 

After choosing the products, go to the “Action” tab and select the “Send/Replenish Inventory” option to open the shipping plan section.

On this page, you must input information concerning the shipment you want to make. This includes the unit quantity of each product and its state, whether new, used, or otherwise. You will also have to decide on the packing type. There are two options: primary products or smaller lots of case products. Choose the one you prefer for your consignment.

Step 4: Label Your Products

After you provide all the details, Amazon will automatically send you product labels. These labels have bar codes that Amazon uses to identify your items. 

These are the labels that should be printed and stuck to the products. Ensure that the labels are put in a conspicuous area and that they overlay all past bar codes.

Step 5: Send Your Products to Amazon

The last action is shipping your products to an Amazon fba shipping fulfillment center. 

Here’s how to ship to Amazon FBA.

You will receive a packing address from Amazon, which includes the details of the specific fulfillment center to which you should post your products. 

Place your products in a box, always ensure that they are packed well, and accompany them with a packing slip. 

Then, schedule a pick-up through your selected carrier, or you can send it through Amazon-partnered carriers at a cheaper price.

Once the products are in the fulfillment center, the rest is up to Amazon. They will hold your stocks, and when a customer buys your item, Amazon will pick it, pack it, and ship it to the buyer.

Additional tips

Apart from FBA, there are other tools available for sellers to generate more traffic and make more sales, such as Amazon Online Marketing Services or AMS. AMS holds quite beneficial tools. Namely, sponsored products and headline search ads create a direct impact on buyers. 

For targeted AMS ad campaigns to be effective, sellers must leverage this strategy to enhance product visibility and sales on Amazon.


When thinking about a basic Amazon FBA shipping plan, you might be overwhelmed, but it’s as easy as 1,2,3 if you follow the flow. These five easy steps, which include 

  • Staging your product
  • Signing into the Seller Central
  • Developing a shipper plan
  • Labeling your products
  • Sending your products to Amazon

you can simplify your process, and your products will be ready for the Amazon FBA in no time. Happy selling!

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