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Top 10 Google Ads Tools You Need To Try In 2024

Top 10 Google Ads Tools You Need To Try In 2024

Top 10 Google Ads Tools You Need To Try In 2024

Top 10 Tools to Boost Your Google Ads Campaigns

Most online businesses can run smoother and quicker if you access the right tools. Advertising on Google can be very impactful if you use the right tools to improve the results from your Google Ads campaigns. If you manage Google Ads campaigns, these tried-and-tested tools can make your work easier and your reporting more efficient.

Top 10 Useful Google Ads Tools

Google offers many free tools, but there are also paid options. Here are the top 10 tools to generate maximum leads:

1. Wordstream’s Free Google Ads Grader:

Wordstream is an online Google AdWords tool that helps advertisers understand their campaign performance. This free app allows you to manage all your pay-per-click (PPC) accounts from one dashboard. It also offers reliable data for identifying relevant keywords and search volumes.

2. Google Trends:

This free tool analyzes the popularity of search queries entered into Google across languages and regions. It uses charts to visualize the rise and fall in popularity over time and helps you understand your customers better.

3. Google Suggest:

Open an incognito window, go to Google, and start typing one of your keywords. Google will show you suggestions on what people search the most.

4. Answer The Public:

Free + Paid
This tool lets you know what questions people are asking on Google about your industry and provides relevant keywords. It has a free version with limited searches and a paid version starting at $79/mo.

5. SEMrush:

Pricing: $119.95/mo
SEMrush is used for research, competitive analysis, site audits, backlink tracking, and comprehensive online visibility insights. It offers a 7-day free trial, with pricing starting at $119.95/mo.

6. Ahrefs:

Pricing: $99/mo
Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO toolset for growing search traffic and optimizing websites. It provides detailed competition analysis and tracks rankings and backlinks. They offer some free tools for smaller websites.

7. Spyfu:

Pricing: $16/mo
Spyfu is a PPC research tool that identifies the keywords your competitors are bidding on. It offers unlimited keywords and is more affordable than other tools.

8. Whatagraph:

Pricing: $199/mo
Whatagraph enables you to monitor, analyze, and report on data from different sources. It helps design analytical reports or engaging dashboards.

9. Reporting Ninja:

Pricing: $20/mo
Reporting Ninja assists in automated PPC reporting, creating detailed reports quickly. It integrates with Google Ads, Bing Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and more.

10. PPC Protector (Lunio):

Pricing: $499/mo
Lunio protects against fraud, detecting hackers and protecting your ad accounts from malicious activities.

Next Steps

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